Mongolian Weddings / by Ora Buerkli

We were lucky to be travelling during wedding season. Well actually more lucky to be travelling with Timothy Allen who planned the trip so that we will hit the wedding season. So in two weeks we attended two weddings. A Mongolian wedding is an elaborate affair. The number of attendees is large, in the hundreds, Gers are set up full of food, tea with milk, and of course Mares milk. First guests go to the wedding Ger to greet the family. In good weather everything else happens outside. The brides are either dressed traditionally or in more western style.

In one of the weddings we have attended the brother of the groom has given the pair a new car as a wedding presence. The wedding car is traditionally decorated and the pair posed in front of the car.

For long hours the guests together with the couple and their family sit or stand in a circle and watch the traditional wresting matches (more on those in the next blog). The matches are interspersed with speeches and musical offerings. Than it is time for the food. Everyone regroups in small circles and the boiled lamb (yes it tastes as good as it sounds) is served. I have often been asked what is served with the meat. Other than Vodka and Mares milk nothing!

Once the meal has been consumed the crowed moves to where the horse races take place (yet another blog to look forward to).